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  • Interesting. I hope the Ottawa Thought Police let you stay open.

  • Hey Drakul. The thought police were never a problem on the old FreeCBC boards, which I retired last year after about 14 years running. My apologies there is not much activity around here, I just set this new site up while I was at home self-isolating, but then got sidetracked by other more important tasks. I'll send out some invites to some former members in a bit. Stay well.

  • Out of deep respect for your sense of civic duty, I hereby remove you from my list ofinvoluntary blood donors.

    Slightly disagree with you regarding a return to 'normal ',
    I truly believe the ingenuity of (reasonably) a free enterprise society can work miracles.
    Of course, even among people who are not effected medically, some lives will have been shattered financially.
    Which bring me to the subject of our NOW astronomical debt and the lliberals, Greens, & NDP who never saw a tax they disliked.

  • No question, there are going to be winners and losers. Homes and livelihoods are going to be lost, but lives are going to be saved. There will be no end of second guessing and 20-20 hindsight, but I think most people understand why we have done what we have done. We had a new virus that we knew was capable of completely overwhelming the health care systems of first world nations, and we (mostly) shut it down. Now we will gradually feel out where we can get away with normal life while balancing the case numbers. As a country I think we have done pretty well compared to many others so far, but this book is yet to be written.

    As for the debt, yeah it's going to be huge and we will be paying for it for a long time. I will fault the Liberals for spending way too much when times were good, but not for spending now when it is needed. At least we have numerous programs designed to help people weather the storm, unlike a country to the south of us.

    Here in MB we have Premier Pallister, whose entire reason for being is to cut government spending. Again that was fine when times were good, but he is profoundly ill equipped to lead government during a time of emergency. As a local person said recently, if you are a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. Our premier is a saw. Hard to see anything useful he has brought to the table so far.

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